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    New and Improved Herbaloft Website Thank You for Choosing Us as Your Herbalife Distributor.
    At Herbaloft, we are dedicated to providing fresh Herbalife products & fast, quality service that sets us apart from all the rest. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in value, delivery time & quality customer care. Thank you for choosing Herbaloft!

    FREE FEDEX Shipping on All Orders Over $75!All orders ship Fedex direct from Herbalife warehouse! (VIP Members Only!)

    Herbalife Best Selling Products on Herbaloft:

    Herbalife Formula 1 Shake
    Formula 1 Shake

    A nutritious shake for good health and weight management.* Makes 30 Shakes.

    Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder
    Personalized Protein Powder

    A proprietary blend of whey and soy protein.

    Herbalife Total Control
    Total Control

    A revolutionary herbal supplement to support weight loss.*

    Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Bar
    Formula 1 Express Meal Bar

    The new Formula 1 Express Meal Bar is a delicious way to enjoy a nutritious meal anytime, anywhere.

    Herbalife Advanced Program
    Advanced Program

    Healthy weight loss with enhancers.

    21 Day Cleansing Program
    21 Day Cleansing Program

    An internal cleansing system for digestive health.*

    Herbalife Beverage Mix Canister
    Beverage Mix Canister

    A satisfying fruit drink with a protein punch, now in a canister.

    Herbalife Woman's Choice
    Woman's Choice

    A phytoestrogen supplement for perimenopause support.*

    Herbalife24 - Prolong

    Sustain performance with dual-source carbohydrates and electrolytes*

    Radiant C¨ Daily Skin Booster
    Radiant C Daily Skin Booster

    A daily gel-cream with vitamin C to improve skin texture.

    Herbalife Cell-U-Loss

    A supplement to help reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.*

    Herbalife Quickstart Program
    Quickstart Program

    Healthy weight loss made simple.

    Herbalife Cell Activator
    Formula 3 Cell Activator

    For improved nutrient absorption and energy production.*

    Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
    Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex

    For everyday good health* with minerals & herbs.

    Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate (3.5oz - Large)
    Herbal Tea Concentrate (Large)

    An uplifting drink for vitality and weight management.

    Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate (3.5oz - Large)
    Herbal Tea Concentrate (Large)

    An uplifting drink for vitality and weight management.

    Herbalife Thermo-Bond

    For decreased fat absorption and weight-loss support.*

    Herbalife Snack Defense¨
    Snack Defense

    A weight-management supplement to control cravings.*

    Herbalife Aminogen¨ 

    An enzyme supplement for improved protein digestion.*

    Herbalife Tang Kuei Plus
    Tang Kuei Plus

    An herbal supplement for PMS and stress management.*


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    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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